Memoization of Factorials

I am currently working on an article about calculating sines and cosines using Taylor Polynomials. These make heavy use of factorials so I started thinking about ways to streamline the process.

This post consists of a simple project using memoization with a lookup table to pre-calculate factorials and store them for future use.

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Logarithms: A Practical Use

This is a simple Python project demonstrating a useful application of logarithms. The logarithm of a number to a specified base is the power to which the base must be raised to get the number. Since their invention by John Napier in the 17th century until a few decades ago slide rules and books of log tables were used to simplify multiplication by turning it into a process of addition. Modern science, technology and engineering all depended on that simple idea.

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Redirection and Piping

This post will demonstrate programs which each perform a single very specific task but which can be chained together in such a way that the output of one forms the input of another. Connecting programs like this, or piping to use the correct terminology, enables more complex workflows or processes to be run.

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